Instagram is an online photo sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures, apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services, such as Facebook, Facebook, Twitter and Tubblr.

The service was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and launched in October 2010 and has over 100,000 registered users.

I think this is my favorite new media site as photographs would be my biggest interest when browsing the likes of Facebook. Instagram is a forum for people who are more specific about their photos and edit and alter them one at a time to produce a new piece of work. It is a platform where people add a small amount of interesting photos rather than albums of standard images.

I love how simple the software is to use and how easy it is to view my friends photos and my own. I can see myself taking a lot more photos and spending a lot more time on my smartphone editing pictures for my friends to see and comment on.

I see Instagram as a strong competitor to Facebook in terms of time people spend on social media. It is a more creative platform for people with a sense of exclusivity as the software is only available for smartphones.

The only negative I can see so far is the limited amount of altering and editing available. There does not seem to be space to import my own digital filters, add text or merge/crop images. This may be intentional to produce an Instargram identity to people photos and encourage my users to join. But so far I am content with the software and look forward to using it much more.



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