Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey. It is a social networking and micro blogging site with over 500 million registered users and over 340 million tweets sent on a daily basis.

I have been a member of the twitter community for almost a year now. I am definitely not the most active member as I have logged on about 10 times in that year.

I follow mostly musicians and bands and a few friends and family members. A celebrity or two as well just to see what the hype is all about. To be honest, after returning to twitter for this assignment I have to say I still don’t see the big attraction. I know perfectly well how to use twitter and how to navigate my way around the site but I just find the ratio of effort to reward is not worth it. The layout of the site is fine but there is a lot of deciphering of coded names and locations.

#thatcherisdead….Really Cher died? Wait….Oh…Thatcher.

I like the theory of little bites of information at a time in the form of 140 character tweets however I get the same type of information to digest from Facebook.

The ‘discover’ tab is useful for finding trending information but I don’t see myself accessing twitter every time I want to hear some news. I get my news from the old fashioned radio and television as well as Facebook and other sites such as

I do understand why it is a global phenomenon. It is a brilliant marketing tool that is invaluable to many businesses especially those in the arts industry. have nicely described the pro’s and con’s of twitter:

I will not be returning to twitter in my spare time but I’m sure I will be visiting it a some stage regarding work or research. Ill keep my account active just in case but overall…..2/5


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