Wordpress Review

It may be a bit too soon to review a website that I have only be using for 20 mins but I will give my first reactions to this famous blog site.

The set up process is great. Exactly what I was looking for. Simple straight forward directions on how to set up a blog and get posting. However, the immediate pleasantries soon wore off when I was asked for $75 to use a minimalist theme. I declined.

The simplicity soon wore off when I attempted to publish my first post. I was overwhelmed with information…

UntitledThankfully, there was a little embedded youtube video that helped me navigate the dashboard and help me get blogging.

Overall, a positive experience…so far.(Although I’m not allowed to make that picture any bigger) I’ll come back and do a final review of the site when I have explored more options and tried to embed videos and sound bites etc.



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