SlideShare is a service that lets users upload PowerPoint or Open Office presentation files and share them online through a You Tube-like interface.

Power Point documents (or any office documents) stored on the web. The presentation can easily be shared with individual users or businesses and corporations. The idea behind SlideShare is to share an individuals research with others for the purpose of education, lectures, sales pitches and conference presentations. Again it is a cloud computing method that helps people avoid carrying hard copy presentations. It allows interaction with other websites like Youtube, Google and other SlideShare presentations.

This SlideShare page that highlights the winners of its recent World’s Best Presentation Contest.

I recently used SlideShare for a college project and found it reasonably simple to use. I made a presentation on Mircosoft PowerPoint and Uploaded to the site. From there I could find presentations on similar topics and view the work of my classmates.

It is a good idea that has been well executed. I believe there is a niche market for SlideShare however my interaction with it was simply exploratory. I have not used it since that project and did not find a use for it an any other stage in my academic career.

I am sure it is used regularly within certain businesses and industries. I am glad to be aware and experienced with the service but I don’t see myself using it too often unless it is required in a future job.



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