LinkedIn is a social networking website catering for the professional and business side social networking, in other words it is professional networking. It was launched in May 2003 and today has over 200 million users in over 200 countries.

I was initially skeptical of LinkedIn. I believed the networking site to be an spin off social networking site that attempted to achieve success on the coat tails of other popular networking sites. I didn’t believe using a glorified online resume design program would be a productive method of finding a job or employees. I thought the personal approach was and always would be the only method. However, I am relatively new to the job seeking community as I am still at college. I have applied and secured jobs in the past for part time work but I have only a small amount of experience in looking for full time career based employment and therefore do not fully understand how difficult the process can be.

I have recently created a profile with LinkedIn and again found that the initiation process was simple and comprehensive. I was asked to create and log of my current and previous education and employment, the skills I have acquired and the people I know and work(ed) with. The profile that was created for me was a professional documentation of my history and abilities. This is achievable through many avenues on the internet however it is the social networking element that has impressed me most. I was automatically recommended to link in with several of my friends and colleagues with the option of linking in with their friends and colleagues. When I looked for people that were not recommended to me I found a linking system where the website uses my connections and attempts to create a line of people who could possibly connect us.

This is the element of LinkedIn that I believe has attracted over 200 million users. I have heard over the years that everyone in the world in connected through 5 degrees of separation. In other words, I have a link to anyone in the world through only 5 people. I don’t know how true this statement is but using other social networking sites I am amazed at how many people know each other through only 1 or 2 connecting people. This is an amazing fact that LinkedIn have capitalized on. Through the website we can connect to absolute strangers using the people we know to achieve and secure employment and competent employees.

LinkedIn has definitely proved to me that it is not riding on the coat tails of other websites just to make a profit. It is a genius system that has proved itself in connecting people all over the world for a professional purpose. It could potentially be an integral part of job seeking and a huge money maker for the developers. I’m glad I have linked in before they possibly start charging us for the service.



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