WordPress Review

It may be a bit too soon to review a website that I have only be using for 20 mins but I will give my first reactions to this famous blog site.

The set up process is great. Exactly what I was looking for. Simple straight forward directions on how to set up a blog and get posting. However, the immediate pleasantries soon wore off when I was asked for $75 to use a minimalist theme. I declined.

The simplicity soon wore off when I attempted to publish my first post. I was overwhelmed with information…

UntitledThankfully, there was a little embedded youtube video that helped me navigate the dashboard and help me get blogging.

Overall, a positive experience…so far.(Although I’m not allowed to make that picture any bigger) I’ll come back and do a final review of the site when I have explored more options and tried to embed videos and sound bites etc.



Blog Content

The title of this bog states that it is a space where I will critically evaluate different social media platforms and by doing so I will be using the likes of facebook, twitter, youtube pinterest etc. to investigate my interests. My primary focus will be on music, art and sports and I will utilize the different media available to gather as much information on my interests and then compare the sites and evaluate them. Other topics of interest will be new reports on the development and progress of new media and social media sites. 

First off….